My theme shop that makes WordPress themes for churches. Just gettin’ going.


BrandColors is the repository for the official color values of hundreds of major brands. It’s been showcased by the likes of Smashing Magazine, Envato, .net Magazine, Chris Coyier, and Web Designer Depot.

Every Bio Ever

I get a big kick out of overused and cliché bios, so much so that I decided to make a site dedicated to poking fun at them.

Young Guns Show [Retired]

In 2012, inspired by my own journey, I started a podcast that highlighted the young guns in the web industry — the guys and gals that didn’t wait for “someday” to do something awesome. The show had a great run and seemed to inspire a lot of people.

Click [Retired]

I’d long wanted to do an iOS app, so when I got the chance to work with Beau Hankins on the best metronome yet, I jumped at the chance.