September 21st, 2023

Smart people often write the worst code because they're more comfortable with complexity and have larger working memory. I've encountered this so many times in my career

Don't write ✍️ code for the smart people. Assume the person looking at it cannot fit complexity in their head

— @CFDevelop on 𝕏

As Fixel has grown and I’ve had my first taste of mentoring a junior developer and working with other mid- to senior-level developers to ensure things are done the "Fixel" way. This collaboration is standard fare in many companies, but after so many years as a solo dev it’s new to me.

The more I’ve worked with my team, and the more code I’ve personally written, the more this rings true. Things should usually not be clever when being clever makes them unobvious. Programming is mental energy and the more mental energy I have to expend figuring out how this things works the less I have to do what I actually came here for.