Galen Gidman

Front-end and WordPress developer

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I work with designers and agencies as their front-end and WordPress development partner. Here are some things I’m really good at:

  • WordPress-as-a-CMS builds, using CPTs, taxonomies, etc.
  • Building modular and maintainable front-end systems for apps and marketing sites.
  • Interpreting static design files into a responsive, usable, and effective final product.
  • Seamlessly filling in the gaps where the design may be lacking.
  • Not including a 200kB library when a 2kB helper will do.
  • Communicating with clients — yours and mine — in a professional, friendly, and effective manner.
  • Fitting into your agency’s workflow.
  • Self-managing during large scale projects.
  • Being honest and realistic about timelines, strategy, and fit.
  • Not @everyone-ing the entire channel in Slack.

If you or your agency is looking for a development partner to help you expand your project bandwidth, I’m your guy.

Portfolio available upon request.