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Blogs I Follow (Part 1)

I know it’s not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination, but I decided to start a series of posts giving everyone a bird’s eye view of the blogs I subscribe to and why. Nothing fancy, just a list of five or so at a time with the whats and whys.

This is David DeSandro’s Tumblr for front-end development tricks and resources. Though I admit some of it goes over my head, there is some great stuff in there.

The Pastry Box

I really like this idea — a thought a day from 30 of the web’s top movers and shakers. Some posts are quite long while others are just a paragraph, but you can always count on them to be thought-provoking.

Shawn Blanc

Shawn Blanc is my favorite voice in the tech/Apple/coffee arena. He’s positive, insightful and most of all, a great guy. I don’t read everything he posts, but I happily give him $3/month as a member.

Paul Adam Davis

Paul’s blog is a recent discovery, but a favorite non-the-less. He writes about everything from freelancing to WordPress techniques to UX and I’ve yet to be disappointed. He was also on my podcast once.

The Industry

The Industry is fast becoming one of the best voices in the design and startup world. They’ve got a lot of good reviews and and a lot of awesome people write for them. Also, they let me be on their podcast.

That’s it for now. Check back later for more.

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