Don't Lose the Magic

Jun 1, 2011

Tonight, while watching an old episode of The Andy Griffith show with the family I grabbed my MacBook and opened Fireworks. I had no goal, no deadline, and nothing I was trying to achieve — I was just having fun with texture and type with no other aim than to enjoy myself. It was awesome.

Sometimes, I think we as designers can loose track of why we got into the game. It wasn’t to make a living. It was for fun. It was because we enjoyed it. It was because it was what we wanted to do. When we forget that, design becomes nothing more than mere drudgery — it’s lost its magic. You can design the world’s best websites, posters and logos for the rest of your life, but once the magic is lost, you’re no longer designing for the same reason you did in the beginning and you’ll never have the satisfaction you once knew.

The moral: take some time away from “productive” work every once in a while and have fun. It doesn’t matter if what you make is stupid, ugly, or whatever.

Just have fun.