My Thoughts on the iTunes 10 Icon

Nov 30, 2010

Yes, I know I’m coming in really late on this whole thing, but I thought I’d share my thoughts anyway. Here’s what I think.

The argument that the icon haters have been using all along is that it is too standard — that there’s nothing special enough about it to set it apart from the rest of the shiny, web 2.0ish icons in the world.

Well to that I say: Apple is for all practical purposes the inventor of the shiny, glass/plastic style used on the iTunes 10 icon. Therefore, there should be no reason they should not use the style that they came up with!

I’d also like to remind the haters that Apple used the icon as the dot of the “i” in their new social network, Ping. Had the icon been too complicated it would not have looked right in an application as small as that.

So yes, Apple could have done more. There are some great examples on Dribbble of possible replacement icons, but I’m pretty sure that there are better things to get upset about than a perfectly fine icon.