Using Dashicons for Custom Post Types

With it’s admin redesign in version 3.8, WordPress also launched a sporty new icon font that powers the menu icons. Before, menu icons were just images linked to using the menu_icon parameter when you registered the custom post type. You can still do this, but today I learned that you can also use a Dashicon in place of an image for your CTP menu icons.

It’s easy: when you register your CPT, enter the classname of any Dashicon in the menu_icon parameter. WordPress will use that a your CPT’s menu icon.

For example, If I’m working on a Slide CPT, I can use the Slide Dashicon like so:


A thought crossed my mind today. A flawed something is better than a perfect nothing. It would seem that less is not always more. Just start somewhere and do something. Take it one step at a time and you can’t lose.

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A few months ago I ordered Branding Matters by Jason VanLue. I figured it’d give me a few pointers and, hey, who doesn’t want to support a nice guy self-publishing his first book? A few weeks ago I finally got around to reading it and it’s pure gold. It’s helped me understand what branding is […]

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Blogs I Follow (Part 1)

I know it’s not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination, but I decided to start a series of posts giving everyone a bird’s eye view of the blogs I subscribe to and why. Nothing fancy, just a list of five or so at a time with the whats and whys. This […]

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Code Smells in CSS

Harry Roberts wrote a great article on CSS Wizardy about things he looks for in CSS that give him an idea about “its quality, its maintainability and its integrity…” A few of my favorites: Rulesets should only ever inherit and add to previous ones, never undo. Basically, if at any point you’re removing previously-declared styles […]

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Building BrandColors

A couple of weeks ago I launched BrandColors, a side-project of mine that is best described as a collection of major online brand hexadecimal color codes. The project has received a lot of positive attention, so I thought I’d give you guys a quick rundown on the idea and the build process. In typically me […]

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Disable Mac Dashboard

In my opinion, the Dashboard is probably the stupidest feature in OS X. It’s ugly, clanky and somewhat useless. It also takes up valuable system resources that would be better used elsewhere. I did a bit of research and discovered that it’s actually pretty easy to turn off. Simply open up Terminal and type: defaults […]

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Resources for Retina

Prompted by the recent rise in retina devices such as the iPad 3 and Retina MacBook Pro, I’ve been exploring ways to make my websites more retina-friendly. Basically, I’ve found a couple of major options: Use vector assets such as icon fonts or SVG graphics. Detect for retina and use @2x images. Here are a […]

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