HTML to Markdown Converter

While I was migrating my blog, I ran across the need to convert my HTML-formatted posts to Markdown. Surprisingly, there are few good tools to do this quickly, but the best I found was to-markdown.js by Dom Christie.

The only weird thing about his app is for some reason he seems to have copying disabled in the Markdown output box. It looks like Dom has reworked the app a bit and this has been fixed.


  • 土木坛子 says:

    Thanks, very useful.

  • Dom Christie says:

    Hey Galen,

    Thanks for mentioning to my HTML to Markdown conversion project.

    Copying Markdown output was not intentionally disabled, it was just a bug which has now been fixed.

    Thanks again.

  • Curtis says:

    Pandoc is great at this, and there’s a hosted version here as well:

    It does way more than just HTML to markdown.

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